Case Study | Pretty Little Winks

Brand-New Brick-and-Mortar Business Thrives Even In the Midst of COVID-19

Company Overview

Pretty Little Winks is a Phoenix-based beauty salon specializing in eyelash services.


  • Pretty Little Winks was founded by first-time-business owners in the second quarter of 2019. New to the Phoenix area, they had no previous client base or network and found themselves building a business from scratch without the benefit of local word of mouth.
  • Within months of opening, the salon would find itself in the midst of COVID-19, a challenging period for any brick-and-mortar business — dealing not only with a customer base reluctant to venture out of their homes but also orders by the state of Arizona to shut its doors during a mandated lockdown.


Concentric Management Solutions implemented a four-prong approach tailored to the boutique’s unique needs as a brand new brick-and-mortar business.
Web Design
A well-designed, optimized website is the foundation of any solid marketing strategy. Concentric Management Solutions oversaw the branding and design of the boutique’s new website and developed a custom-built WordPress site primed for conversion with fast load times.


  • After the first month, Pretty Links immediately tripled its revenue, and continued to steadily grow thereafter. At their one-year anniversary, even after the COVID-19 lockdown, revenue had a growth of nearly 5X. By May 2021, revenue had more than 10Xed. The unique client acquisition marketing campaign implemented in July 2020 increased the boutique’s client database from 127 clients to 1,831 clients in just 12 months.

Our numbers have never been more amazing! Our very first year (2019) we did over 6 figures. In 2020 we doubled that number. In our third year (2021) we doubled that year’s (2020) numbers! We just wanted to give a big thank you to you guys, because we couldn’t have done that without you.


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