Introducing ConcentricConnect!

ConcentricConnect is an outbound automation platform that helps you build relationships in an authentically human way.

Automated Business Development

With ConcentricConnect you can focus on developing opportunities with engaged prospects while our full time team of Relationship Automation Specialists work to build relationships with your target audience. Our email marketing communications and social media manager will engage with prospects, generate leads and increase your sales pipeline.

Automated Email Marketing Communications

Our email marketing communications are designed to engage prospects and generate leads for you. We’ll send emails that look like they were sent by a real person, but actually were sent by us at Concentric! This means your emails will be more personalized, more engaging and more likely to convert into opportunities for you.

Automated Social Media Management

Our Social Media Manager will manage your social media channels 24/7, posting content related to your industry that’s relevant to your target audience so they see you as an authority in your field—not just another company trying to sell them something.
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