Non-profit organizations are in many ways the cornerstone of charitable work in the United States and throughout the world. Their executives, employees, and volunteers bring food to the starving, education to the illiterate, medication to the sick, and more.


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Our team is committed to collaborating with non-profit organizations. We utilize our advanced abilities to help deserving groups succeed in the digital age. Our growth-based strategies are integrative and interconnected; each component of your custom-tailored marketing package will strengthen every other aspect. For example, your PPC ads could drive traffic to your new, stunning webpage, or you could share your content marketing materials as part of your social media management efforts. As with our corporate clientèle, Concentric Marketing’s focus will be on booming key statistics that contribute to your organization’s overall success. We can help you:

  • Grow your audiences across online platforms
  • Drive more visitors to your website, blogs, social media, and any other digital properties
  • Increase donations, both in number and amount
  • Exponentially expand your volunteer base
  • Improve your public relations presence, making your organization more well known and indicating to potential funders that your philanthropic enterprise is worth investing in

These are just a few of the ways Concentric Management can help your non-profit organization fulfill its true potential.

Non-profit organizations are in many ways the cornerstone of charitable work in the United States and throughout the world. Their executives, employees, and volunteers bring food to the starving, education to the illiterate, medication to the sick, and more. These enterprises are as variable as they are valuable. As the National Center for Charitable Statistics explains, “nonprofit organizations include everything from neighborhood associations that meet a couple of times a year…to large universities and foundations with billions of dollars in assets.” According to the center, there are a stunning “1,571,056 tax-exempt organizations” in America, and “in 2010, nonprofits accounted for 9.2 percent of all wages and salaries paid in the United States.”

Non-profit organizations are in the outstanding business of doing good, and Concentric Management is here to provide the digital marketing assistance they need to do even better. In the twenty-first century of promotion, building an online presence is an essential component of any enterprise, and especially those that work to activate volunteers, reach communities, and raise impressive funds to do important work. Concentric Management has the skilled team members and finely honed strategies to help non-profit organizations make an even bigger difference.

Content Marketing

As you may have heard, in the digital world, “content is king.” This type of promotion involves reaching you audiences through blogs, infographics, videos, online brochures, and other materials, inspiring them to act on behalf of your cause. Implementing these sorts of digital marketing strategies is no longer “cute” or cutting-edge; it’s a necessity for all non-profit organizations. As per a 2014 report from the Content Marketing Institute, “92 percent of nonprofit professionals use content marketing” and “86 percent of the most effective nonprofit marketers have someone in place who oversees content marketing strategy.” Concentric Management’s experienced team can help your organization flourish with creative, captivating content that calls communities to action.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

PPC advertising is the digital equivalent of renting a billboard, coating bulletin boards with posters, or making a commercial for your non-profit organization, in that it involves paying to reach your audience of prospective volunteers, consumers, community members, and donors. The difference is that PPC is likely to be much more effective for your organization in this digital era of communication. PPC ads can appear on your potential audiences’ search engine results, social media feeds, apps, and more. As their name suggests, you only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad, which can direct them to your website, donation portal, volunteer sign-up, or any other valuable link. In fact, even Google recognizes the immense potential of PPC for non-profit organizations, which is why the company offers $10,000 per month grants for this service to deserving groups. Concentric Management can help you determine exactly what your PPC ads should say, where they should go, and how often they should run to make them maximally useful for your non-profit organization.

Custom Fit Web Design

If someone wants to learn about your non-profit organization, the first place they’ll probably go is your website. Your page should make an excellent first impression to truly promote your philanthropic efforts. As the Houston Chronicle’s small business section notes, “a primary focus of an NPO’s [non-profit organization’s] marketing strategies are dynamic, quality websites that are designed to allure new donors, share the group’s mission, display images, build awareness of the cause, educate the public, reduce printing and mailing costs and establish credibility.” With years of experience, a creative eye, and a keen attention to detail, Concentric Management’s custom fit web design team can assist you in achieving all of these aims.

Social Media Management

Particularly in recent years, it’s become increasingly apparent that non-profit organizations can reach millions with the right social media campaigns. In their recent article, “7 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need to Ramp Up Their Social Media Presence,” the Huffington Post points to the astonishingly popular ALS Ice Bucket challenge: “after several weeks of this viral campaign, the ALS Association raised…over $114 million in donations.” Social media is an effective, affordable means to reach your audiences, motivate them to get involved, create close-knit communities, communicate about upcoming events, share your impactful stories, partner with other groups, and generally grow your non-pro, or fit organization. Concentric Management’s skilled social media management experts can help you do so with style and savvy.

Our team is uniquely suited to the exciting challenges of digital marketing for non-profit organizations. Our Director of Content has written numerous funded grant proposals for non-profit organizations (specifically, those focused on human rights, arts, and traffic safety). She understands the specific needs of 501(c)3 and other charitable groups. Furthermore, our CEO has worked on thousands of digital marketing projects with clients from every background, including Fortune 500, Fortune 5000, Inc 500, and Inc 5000 companies. We have the perfect synthesis of skills to enhance your philanthropic enterprise, plus the passion to do so with enthusiasm.

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