Everyone has to eat, and millions of people do so every day at restaurants. Particularly in the hustle and bustle of twenty-first century life, these eateries provide a respite from the hassle of cooking, giving patrons a place to relax and enjoy.


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Given the vast variety of the restaurant industry and its essential importance to the United States economy, Concentric Management is excited to collaborate with clients in this field. We have dedicated ourselves to this particular marketplace because we see the immense potential digital marketing has for restaurants. This business is by nature focused on volume, community, enjoyment, engagement, and reputation, all of which online promotion can strengthen. By integrating our advanced advertising avenues, we can help cultivate a powerful, lasting Internet brand for your business, reaching the exact patrons you want to dine at your tables. Concentric Management can help your restaurant:

  • Gain new patrons, from warm leads who had previously considered dining at your establishment to brand new customers discovering your business online
  • Encourage your existing patrons to become more passionate about your restaurant and loyal to your business
  • Garner great reviews for your restaurant to further boost your reputation in your local community

These are just a few of the objectives we can achieve when we create a customized marketing package for your restaurant.

Everyone has to eat, and millions of people do so every day at restaurants. Particularly in the hustle and bustle of twenty-first century life, these eateries provide a respite from the hassle of cooking, giving patrons a place to relax and enjoy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the restaurant industry is a major component of the American economy. The National Restaurant Association reports that industry sales totaled “$779 billion” in 2017, with over one million “restaurant locations in the United States” and 14.7 million employees, restaurant staff make up roughly one-tenth “of the overall U.S. workforce.” With such a large marketplace, such fierce competition, and such great demand for exceptional eateries, those in the restaurant business must master marketing to succeed.

In this digital era, of course, promotional efforts are best performed online, where most consumers look for menus, information, recommendations, and any other information they may need. Concentric Management offers its extensive expertise in this area to a variety of restaurants. We utilize our growth-based strategies to help businesses succeed, even and especially in competitive marketplaces. According to a famous study conducted at Ohio State University, approximately 60 percent of restaurants fail within the first year. However, to overcome these and other difficult odds, all these enterprises need do is expand faster than their fellows. With Concentric Management’s advanced digital marketing services, comprehensive knowledge of this field, and commitment to our clients, we can help your restaurant not just survive but thrive.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When your potential patrons are trying to decide where to eat tonight or trying to find the best restaurants in your city, the first place they’re likely to turn is a search engine. If your restaurant is on the first page for important, relevant keywords (for example, “best Chinese food in Gotham City,” “pizza places near me,” “noodle places by State Community College,” etc.), you’re much more likely to drive droves of customers to your business. However, if your website gets buried by your competitors, your eatery may suffer. Entrepreneur magazine recently pointed out that, because “around 80 percent of consumers look to search engines to find local information,” restaurants would be especially apt to optimize their online properties. Concentric Management’s SEO experts can help you leverage your website and other online properties to rise to the top of your relevant rankings.

Reputation Management

As most restaurant owners and managers have experienced, reputation is everything. Reviews, impressions, and the consensus about your restaurant could make or break your business. While word of mouth still carries some value to your enterprise, reputation is largely created online today. Your reputation on the Internet is a double-edged sword: review platforms give patrons the opportunity to applaud outstanding service, but they can also be outlets for unsatisfied customers to air their grievances. Entrepreneur magazine explains: “because bars and restaurants are service-based, their success is heavily influenced by reviews…gaining good reviews should be a very big priority.” We can help you take charge of your reputation by building professional, optimized profiles on review sites, engaging respectfully with all reviewers, encouraging happy customers to leave glowing testimonials through smart promotional strategies, and creating communities of faithful regulars.

Social Media Management

Going out to eat is often a fun, social activity, and the best restaurants cultivate loyal communities of repeat customers. This makes social media management a vital necessity for virtually every eatery. Whether you’re reaching out to foodies with exquisite plate pictures on Instagram, polling your Facebook friends on their favorite appetizers, or creating a hashtag contest to win a free dinner on Twitter, your restaurant simply must be active on the top platforms. As Ekaterina Walter points out in her recent Forbes article, “nearly 9 out of 10 restaurants are using social media and embracing communities across multiple platforms.” Your business should be visible on not just one but a network of social media sites. Concentric Management can help you dominate your promotional efforts with beautiful profiles, engaging content, and savvy strategies.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Have you ever seen someone walk past your restaurant, look in the window, and perhaps even pick up a menu, only to stroll away to a competitor? If only you could promote your business to those exact patrons, people you know are already somewhat interested in your food! In the digital world, you can. With PPC advertising, you can create digital campaigns that reach potential customers who search certain keywords, live near your restaurant, or have previously visited your website. This last technique is called remarketing, and it’s especially effective for restaurants. Concentric Management can use this and other growth-based PPC advertising strategies to reach your most profitable prospective patrons and fill your eatery with fresh (soon to be familiar) faces.
Concentric Management brings a lot to the table when working with diverse clients in the restaurant industry. Our team has previously partnered with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500, Fortune 5000, Inc 500, and Inc 5000 businesses. We can scale our growth-based strategies to suit your business, whether you’re running a small, intimate eatery, a mid-sized diner, or a national chain.

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