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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

– Benjamin Franklin

When was the last time you checked your personal social media accounts? Chances are, you’ve scrolled through Facebook statuses, tweeted out pictures, liked Instagram photos, read colleague’s articles on LinkedIn, or even sent silly doodles on Snapchat in the last couple of hours. Even more likely—so have your current and prospective customers. In a world saturated with advertisements, promotional offers, and pixellated digital billboards, keeping your company in contact with your customers is vital. At Concentric Management, we have social media management in our arsenal of growth-based strategies to help our clients connect with their audiences and succeed in the digital age. Read on to learn more about this service.


Social Media By the Numbers

To truly understand the importance of social media in the modern world, check out these striking statistics on the subject:

  • According to standard Alexa ratings, Facebook is the third most visited website in the entire world. Twitter follows close behind at ninth, while Instagram and LinkedIn hold the sixteenth and seventeenth spots, respectively. If you want to capture the most online traffic you can for your company, it simply makes sense to develop a presence on these massively popular sites.
  • Business 2 Community reports: “the number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion [in 2015] to 2.5 billion by 2018.” As the user base for these platforms grows, so do your opportunities for effective social media marketing and expansion.
  • Also from Business 2 Community: “90 percent of young adults—ages 18 to 29—use social media…Fully a third of millenials say that social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses.” Many of your most valuable customers would rather learn about your company through these channels than any others.
  • Citing a prior Hubspot piece, Forbes journalist, Jayson DeMers, notes: 92 percent of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80 percent indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.” Far from a fad, social media management is here to stay. If it isn’t already a component of your marketing plan, it soon will be.
  • DeMers also explains: “[a] study published by Convince&Convert found that 53 percent of Americans who follow brands [on social media] are more loyal to those brands.” In addition to helping you reach new people, social media management can allow you engender further support from your existing clients.

Given this digital data, imagine how social media management could boom your business’s numbers.


What Does Social Media Marketing Involve?

It’s clear that you need to be active on social media platforms to keep your current customers, attract new ones, and bring your branding into the twenty-first century. At Concentric Management, we cooperate closely with our clientele to determine exactly what will help you grow your business best. We’ll work with you to identify your unique brand and highlight this on social media.

Our customized social media management programs could involve:

  • Profile design – Show off the photos, quotes, color schemes, and personality that define your brand across a variety of platforms.
  • Content creation – If you’re at all familiar with online marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” before, and you’ll certainly hear it again. Social media is all about making your voice heard, and we’re happy to help you decide what you want to say.
  • Paid promotion – Which posts are worth investing in? How can you capture more traffic without turning off your existing followers? We can help you crunch the numbers and develop a strategy.


Grow Your Business with Social Media Management

To learn more about our social media management services, contact Concentric Management today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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